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GF Desserts & Treats

Grilled Pineapple in a Caramel Rum Sauce

By On June 26, 2013

Since coming back from a trip to Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica and Bocas del Toro in Panama’s Caribbean north, I have been instilled with the inspiration of the Caribbean! Such gorgeous… Read More

Black beans

Simple Pineapple and Black Bean Soup

By On February 27, 2013

I was looking over my good friend SophiaLaurel Catering’s menu yesterday when one thing struck me; a Caribbean-inspired Pineapple and Black Bean Soup. Now, I love black beans and I love pineapple… Read More

Coconut milk

Pina Colada Bites

By On October 10, 2012

You may remember that yesterday I was mad joyous about having finally succeeding in finding a brand of coconut milk that actually turns into coconut cream easily. Well, I was pretty joyous… Read More