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Chili and Cilantro Arepas with Garlic and Lime Black Beans and Avocado

By On January 6, 2013

Hello and welcome to 2013 on the Everyday Veggie! I trust you all had an amazing holiday period and all ate so much that you think even looking at a nut roast… Read More


How to Cook Dried Beans: An Idiot’s Guide

By On August 20, 2012

Everyone knows that dried beans are more cost-effective than their helpfully canned and pre-cooked cousins, but often we side with convenience and stock up on cans, because we can’t be bothered. This… Read More

Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos

Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos

By On June 7, 2011

In Toronto, people are a bit into burritos – specifically the Burrito Boyz burritos. Their veggie-soy one is brilliant, no actual human can finish their large size, and every single person under… Read More