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Pineapple and Tofu Spring Rolls and Pineapple Sweet Chilli Sauce
Flavour Pairings

Pineapple and Tofu Fresh Spring Rolls with Pineapple Sweet Chilli Sauce

By On February 2, 2014

Ever since I first was taught how to use rice paper wrappers without frying spring rolls, I’ve been a little obsessed with having fresh spring rolls for lunches. They’re fun, filling, fresh… Read More


Vegan Bún Cha Giò – Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Vermicelli Noodles

By On January 8, 2014

Hello! For the first recipe of this new year, I thought I’d take some inspiration from the beautiful diversity of Toronto, where Putin and I spent our Christmas and New Year. My… Read More

GF Mains

Tapas Week: Spanish Rice

By On January 14, 2013

Last week, I had a good friend over for dinner, and lacking enough of any one ingredient to make it the forefront of a meal, I decided to make a number of… Read More


Vegan Chow Mein Burrito

By On August 17, 2012

As strange as it sounds for a skinny white English girl living in Panama and cooking an Asian-Mexican fusion dish, this recipe has a lot of history for me. One of my… Read More

Big Salads

Brown Rice Rainbow Salad

By On August 8, 2012

Recently I’ve had a few of you telling me that you want to eat healthier and more towards a vegan diet, but you have trouble getting your kids (or your partner) to… Read More

$2 Meal: Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers
Black beans

$2 Meal Week day 5: Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers

By On March 23, 2012

I am 5 days into Codewe’s $2 A Day challenge, in which you are challenged to live on the same budget that 20 million Ugandans have to, and I have to say,… Read More

Ochazuke: Rice Patties in a Green Tea Broth
Green tea

Ochazuke: Rice Patties in a Green Tea Broth

By On January 26, 2012

It’s not often that you can eat out for $4 in these days, but there is, in fact, one place left in the world where you can get a fantastic, filling meal… Read More

Hungarian Eggplant Goulash

Hungarian Eggplant Goulash

By On September 20, 2011

Winter is a-coming, albeit with Autumn still in its way, and with the dropping temperature my need for warming food goes up. And I don’t just mean hot; I mean spicy too!… Read More

Vegan Avocado Stuffed Peppers

Vegan Avocado Stuffed Peppers

By On September 13, 2011

Don’t you love those meals that not only fill you up and give you tons of energy, but make you go “Why don’t I make this more often?” when you’re done? This… Read More

Quick and easy vegetable rice noodle soup

Quick and Easy Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup

By On September 12, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me that I can spend literally days planning a cake only for it to inexplicably turn out wrong, whereas when I’m already ten minutes late for work… Read More