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$2 Meal Week day 2: Jack’s Barley Stew

By On March 20, 2012

When I knew that I was going to be taking part in Codewe’s $2 A Day Challenge, and attempting to live on $2 a day, as over 20 million Ugandans have to,… Read More

Vegan Thanksgiving: Quinoa with candied yams

Vegan Thanksgiving: Quinoa with Candied Yams

By On October 10, 2011

So you think Thanksgiving, you think turkey, potatoes, yams (or sweet potatoes if you’re British) and gravy. Then you think, “Dammit, I’m vegan.” Then you think “Hang on, lose the turkey and… Read More

The Full Ukrainian Breakfast

The Full Ukrainian Breakfast

By On September 19, 2011

If you’ve ever eaten a Ukrainian meal, odds are that you’ve eaten kasha. I learned to love kasha (otherwise known as buckwheat groats) living in a Ukrainian house for a few weeks,… Read More