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Vegan Avocado and Pecan Brownies

Avocado and Pecan Brownies

By On February 18, 2014

Last week on the Everyday Veggie, we were celebrating the humble avocado. The avocado is actually a large berry, and it’s so beautifully nutritional that it seems like the perfect food. In… Read More

Brownies & Blondies

Vegan Red Velvet Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting

By On September 27, 2013

My posts on this site, of late, have been very few and far between. For this, I can only apologise; work, projects and life in general got the better of my kitchen… Read More

Brownies & Blondies

Double Chocolate, Coffee and Orange Vegan Brownies

By On March 31, 2013

There really is nothing better than a brownie in the mid afternoon; a coffee completes the experience. But WAIT! What about having the coffee IN the brownies?! Black coffee is well known… Read More


Raw Vegan Nutty Brownies

By On February 18, 2013

You know when you haven’t been eating badly, per se, but you might have been indulging a little more in certain things? Recently I’ve been feeling like a few weeks eating less… Read More


Sugar-free Coffee and Almond Blondies

By On July 30, 2012

The tough thing about cooking in someone else’s kitchen is getting half way through a recipe and finding that not everyone has all the same things in their pantry. Cocoa, for example.… Read More

Black beans

Gluten-free Black Bean and Cashew Brownies

By On May 21, 2012

For ages now I’ve been struggling with what delicious treats I can make for my gluten-free friend Hilary when we have our regular eat-food-and-drink-wine nights. I always want to make cakes but… Read More

Sugar-free Vegan Mocha Brownies
Brownies & Blondies

Sugar-free Vegan Mocha Brownies

By On December 28, 2011

When I was in Panama I wanted to make some treats for the lovely James, Melaney and Mackenze who’d let me basically move in with them for 2 weeks, and due to… Read More

Isobel’s super-fudgey vegan brownies
Brownies & Blondies

Isobel’s Super-fudgey Vegan Brownies

By On September 14, 2011

Sometimes, you’re just desperate for something sweet, but you’re fresh out of ideas. This happened to me this last week when I was just hankering for something chocolately and wonderful but with… Read More

Vegan Sugar-free Sweet Potato Brownies
Brownies & Blondies

Vegan Sugar-free Sweet Potato Brownies

By On August 30, 2011

Last week Louise sent me a link to Dan Lepard’s sweet potato brownies. I liked the idea a lot, because I’m a massive sweet tooth and so am on a constant mission… Read More