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Super Simple Raw Apple Oatmeal

By On August 30, 2012

I got this idea from my great friend Tom who is currently visiting us in Panama. Tom is previously known as “meal routine Tom”, as when we used to live together he… Read More

GF Breakfasts

Raspberry Peanut Butter Oatmeal

By On May 18, 2012

With only a couple of weeks left in the same city as my beloved Bikram Yoga Centre, I’m going quite a lot (like 3-4 times a week), and with the sun out… Read More


$2 Meal Week day 4: Banana Oatmeal with Steamed Apple

By On March 22, 2012

We’ve all been there: you wake up, determined to have some oatmeal, and there’s no milk. Oatmeal made with water (let’s call it The Hardcore Scottish Way) never seems as appealing. Bummer.… Read More


$2 Meal Week day 1: Banana Apple Oatmeal Bars

By On March 19, 2012

Today, I realised what it means to “mature”; when I was a kid, I would spring out of bed to watch the Raccoons or to annoy my parents. Now I’m 25, I… Read More

Vegan Baked Apple and Walnut Oatmeal

Baked Apple and Walnut Porridge

By On January 18, 2012

Porridge, or oatmeal if you’re of the North American persuasion, is a very traditional Scottish breakfast and, it’s widely agreed, is one of the best possible breakfasts that a person can have.… Read More

Pumpkin Porridge
Almond Milk

Pumpkin Porridge

By On October 30, 2011

It’s Halloween weekend (yep, such a thing exists here) and after the epic pumpkin carving contests, you’re bound to have a bunch of pumpkin innards hanging around just waiting to be disposed… Read More