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Quick and easy vegetable rice noodle soup

Quick and Easy Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup

By On September 12, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me that I can spend literally days planning a cake only for it to inexplicably turn out wrong, whereas when I’m already ten minutes late for work… Read More

Curried Chickpeas
Chick peas (garbanzo beans)

Curried Chickpeas

By On August 20, 2011

This recipe was very much inspired by the Kathmandu wrap at Fresh here in Toronto. Since they changed their menu last week this wrap seems to have been dropped, so what better… Read More

Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos

Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos

By On June 7, 2011

In Toronto, people are a bit into burritos – specifically the Burrito Boyz burritos. Their veggie-soy one is brilliant, no actual human can finish their large size, and every single person under… Read More