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Vegan No-bake Raspberry Coconut Bars

No-Bake Raspberry Coconut Energy Bars

By On September 2, 2014

Sometimes, you need something with a hell of a lot of energy. Sometimes, it’s because you’re planning to hike up Ben Lomond (even if rain and fog stops you halfway up and… Read More

Vegan Strawberry Cranachan
Coconut milk

Strawberry Vegan Cranachan

By On May 13, 2014

You might never have heard of cranachan before. That’s okay; this is a uniquely Scottish dessert, and despite being from the north of England I’m not even sure that I pronounce the… Read More

GF Breakfasts

Raspberry Peanut Butter Oatmeal

By On May 18, 2012

With only a couple of weeks left in the same city as my beloved Bikram Yoga Centre, I’m going quite a lot (like 3-4 times a week), and with the sun out… Read More

Vegan Tutti Frutti Smoothie
Almond Milk

Vegan Tutti Frutti Smoothie

By On November 21, 2011

You might recall that 2 weeks ago I was excited to find a way to include heinous carrot juice into my diet without making me retch. Well, now I’ve gone one better;… Read More